Chroma Digitizing Software


Chroma, Ricoma’s new proprietary software, is designed to allow both the novice andexperienced

digitizer to even the most intricate designs with ease and speed. Forbeginners,

Chroma can be used to automate the digitizing process, essentially eliminating the learning curve. For the advanced,

the software\\\\'s built-in styles, customization of tools and hotkeys speed up the lengthy digitizing process.


Chroma Inspire pushes the editing boundaries of lite digitizing software. With Chroma Inspire, you can auto-digitize and edit designs,

lettering, convert elements of your design to different stitch types, resize designs, rearrange color stops and plenty more.


Chroma Plus offers all the tools you need to digitized designs and lettering.This easy-to-use digitizing software allows you

to digitize designs from start to finish and personalize designs to your liking with its font library, fill ion and more.


The most advanced version of Chroma, Luxe hosts the software’s full range of tools. Create advanced digitized designs with speed and ease,

or get creative with the software’s most extensive range of preset fonts, fills and exclusive design features.