Embroidery machine


With wide overhead room and a small sewing arm, the SWD Series is perfect for embroidery on both bulky and small items.

  • Models:

    SWD-1501-8S / SWD-1201-8S

  • Needles:

    15 / 12

  • Heads:


  • Net weight:

    185 kilograms [408 lbs]

  • Gross weight:

    230 kilograms [507 lbs]

  • EMB. area:

    800mm x 500mm [ 32” x 20” ]

  • Size:

    L: 1,035mm W: 920mm H: 1,600mm
    L: 40” W: 36” H: 63”


• Suitable for embroidery on flats, caps, fnished
garments and more!
• Perfect for embroidery on large items
• High defnition true color 8-inch LCD touch screen
• Maximum embroidery area: 800 mm x 500 mm, or
32”x 20”
• Net weight: 185 kgs (408 lbs)
• Gross weight: 230 kgs (507 lbs)
• Heavy duty steel stand with wheels to ensure
stability and mobility
• Maximum speed: 1,000 stitches per minute
• Memory capacity: 20 million stitches or 200 designs
• Machine reads multiple design formats, such as
DST, DSB and more
• 270° wide angle cap system
• Environmentally friendly packaging
• Built-in levers for easy machine installment

• USB input or direct transmission from PC via LAN
port or wireless
• Networkable and Wi-Fi capable
• Servo motor 150 W – lowest power consumption in
the industry!
• Built-in universal power supply 110V/60Hz and
200V/50Hz (self-adaptable worldwide)
• DC36V micro-step motor for X & Y axis driving to
ensure low noise and less vibration
• Emergency stop button
• Automatic thread trimmer
• Thread break detection
• Easily apply appliqué, sequin, boring or cording
• Two recessed USB ports to protect USB flash drive
• Optional laser tracing device available
• Multiple hoop sizes for a variety of embroidery needs
• Automatic memory retention

Preset hoops
One-step appliqué
3-D design view
Easy color input
On-board lettering
Optional camera
One-step tracing
Easy design ion
File folder management

• User-friendly interface
• New ergonomic touch screen allows for easy and
comfortable operation with right-hand thumb
• Preset hoop parameters designed to avoid hitting
• Multi-angle, rotatable and adjustable control panel
bracket allows for better visibility
• Pre-sew design trace capable
• Automatic color change
• Optional camera positioning device
• Built-in factory mode, standardizing outgoing
quality control process
• Built-in fle folder management
• Screenshot function
• 3D design view for better visibility

• Built-in button from 172° to 196° under manual
color change mode, a great help for machine
• Frame offset and frame outlining available for easy
appliqué embroidery
• Machine parameters can be exported and
imported for easy maintenance
• One-step tracing key directly on the main screen
• External 100° button and trimming button
• Multiple languages: English, Chinese, Spanish,
Portuguese, Turkish, Dutch, French, German,
Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Arabic and more
• Laser pointer is activated when tracing design
• New mode for needle path calculation, optimizing
embroidery quality

Hoops and cap attachment
Cap ring
(x2) Cap rings snap into hoop station to prepare machine for cap embroidery
Hoop station
(x1) Hoop station provides stability for fast and easy cap hooping
Cap driver
(x1) Cap driver snaps into embroidery machine’s bracket holder for hoops
90 mm round (9 cm, 3.5”)
120 mm round (12 cm, 4.7”)
150 mm round (15 cm, 5.9”)
200 mm round (20 cm, 9”)
290 mm square (29 cm, 12”)
540 x 350 mm oval (54 x 35 cm, 21 x 14”)
Optional accessories

Sequin device

Boring device

Cording device

8-in-1 device

Robot frame

Belt hoop

Mighty hoop

Camera positioning device

Laser device



The Extended Table EW-4820 is the perfect aide for embroidery on oversized items such as drapery, blankets, banners, mattress borders, wedding dresses, quilt covers and much more. This accessory boasts an extra large embroidery area of 1,200 mm x 500mm (120 x 50 cm, 47 x 20 in).  


Using advanced network technology, users can link together as many Ricoma SWD Series as desired to an extremely flexible production system. Embroider the same design on all of your machines, or embroider different designs on individual machines simultaneously.